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The Camino – Part 1

Since writing this blog, my Camino story has been published as a book titled My Own Pace: A Story of Strength and Adversity on the Camino de Santiago. In this book I reflect on the challenges and thoughts I had on the Camino. The book is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle eBook. Be sure to check it out!

“What makes My Own Pace different to the many books on the Camino is the courage that Bryan has to find in overcoming his daily challenges of walking with muscular dystrophy. His determination is an inspiration to others but we begin to see that everyone is differently abled (disabled) on some level whether that be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. To read this is to realize that everyone can walk the Camino—you just need to find your own pace . . . and purpose.” John Brierley, author of Camino Guides

“[My Own Pace] is a magic account of a magical journey. Bryan sums up perfectly the atmosphere, spirit, and compassion of the ancient pilgrimage of el Camino de Santiago. It’s not just a book for pilgrims, it’s a book for all of us who need to know how to overcome our challenges, how to be a better person, and how we can take that better ‘you’ home to those you love.” Dan Mullins, host of My Camino–The Podcast

“Bryan’s story of walking the Camino de Santiago is familiar to me as a pilgrim, yet offers a completely new perspective that made me appreciate more richly his Camino experience as well as my own. His empowering tale of overcoming hardship makes this a must-read for those facing their own obstacles. Buen Camino!” Kevin Donahue, host of Sacred Steps Podcast

“What I discover most, as I enjoy this wonderful book, is how many lives Bryan changed because of his “own pace.” So, I must warn you, intrepid traveler, beware if you begin this adventure because it is very possible that if you dare to walk with Bryan, you will end up, at the very least, getting to know yourself better, and dare I say it . . . it is very possible that this story will change your heart as it has changed mine.” Jose Mari Ardanaz, founder of El Camino People


9 thoughts on “The Camino – Part 1

  1. Wow Bryan! So happy to have read this story! You are an incredible inspiration to so many! With a will you are proof that anyone can accomplish anything they put their heart into! Thank you for sharing your story for others to read! I am looking forward to hearing more!!

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  2. You are awesome! Thanks for being an inspiration. My daughter is 13 years old with a rare form of MD. She walks very little. I will share your story with her. She got diagnosed 2 yrs ago. She also would fall down a lot and complain of knee pain. It took us many doctors to get a diagnosis.

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  3. Wow Bryan! The Camino for me is the most important experience i have live apart from the family. After reading your experience Bryan is even higher the value of this hiking. Thank you very much, i appreciate it from my heart, for sharing your experiences. I think we can live a more intense life after knowing your example. Hope to see you soon in the Camino or elsewhere. From Spain Carlos

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